TOY STORY 3 Featurette - Groovin' With Ken!

Last year at Comic-Con Pixar shared a hilarious little featurette called Groovin' With Ken! to help promote Toy Story 3. The video was done in a fun retro 70's style. I can't believe it took almost a year to release this video online, but now you all have the opportunity to watch it. Ken is being voiced by Michael Keaton, which I think is awesome. For some reason he doesn't work enough in film these days. 

Toy Story 3 will probably end up being the biggest movie of the summer, there's a ton of people looking forward to it, and we all know it's gonna be good. The film hits theaters on June 18th 2010. Check out this great little Ken featurette and tell us what ya think! Enjoy!

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