David O' Russell to Direct UNCHARTED Movie?

First of all, Hollywood shouldn't even try to adapt the Uncharted video game franchise into a movie. Uncharted and Uncharted 2 are both brilliantly incredible games with fantastic CGI, story, and characters. It's perfect the way it is. Hollywood still haven't learned how to adapt video games into great films so chance are this Uncharted movie is going to suck.

The last we heard Sony Pictures hired Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write the script for the film, and this is your first clue that the movie is going to suck, these guys wrote Sahara and the new Conan. But, apparently Sony is happy with the script, and there is talk of them prepping the film for a summer 2011 release.

Now today we find out that David O' Russell is on the producers’ list of possible directors to bring the film to the big screen. It's still in the meeting stages right now and they aren't close to making a deal, but discussions are happening, and one day a director for the film adaption will be chosen. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Russell's work he is currently directing The Fighter, and has made I Heart Huckabees, Three Kings, Flirting with Disaster, and Spanking the Monkey. It's no like he's a bad director, I just don't think he's got what it takes to turn this story into the epic adventure film that it needs to be. I just have this feeling it's going to end up like Tomb Raider

I really wish I could be excited about this movie, but the more I think about the more I see it turning into a disaster. Maybe and hopefully I will be proven wrong, but the fact of the matter is Hollywood hasn't cracked the code on how to make a great video game adapted film.

Oh! And if you haven't played the game yet you need to! It's seriously one of the best video game ever developed!

What do you all think!

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