Of course Howard Stark is going to be in CAPTAIN AMERICA!


What? You didn’t think he would be? He plays such a big role in the Marvel universe, and his presence has been set up in the movies since the first Iron Man film. You gotta have Howard Stark in the Captain America film! It’s the one movie where you get to really have a chance to play with the character.

But in case you need reassurance, Jon Favreau confirms that Tony Starks dad will be in Captain America.

Yeah, because he was around then. ['Captain America'] is World War II. It wouldn’t be that same actor, probably, because he would be much younger.[Howard Stark] was starting out during that time, and [he] was involved with the war effort, much like Howard Hughes.

Captain America is built around a war and Howard Stark helped develop weapons for the war effort. We know he’ll have a role in the creation of Captain America, if you remember in the first Iron Man film Captain America’s shield was seen on Tony Stark work station in the background. Perhaps stark industries help in the development of the Caps shield.

I’d like to see the character have a decent sized role. What about you?

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