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Greetings folks! Have you ever had a good idea? Was it so good that you wanted to market the hell out of it? I'm talking every cylinder burning and every resource spent to reshape society and self-start your own popularity?

Well, Dynamite Entertainment has gone above and beyond the word "marketing". It's ridiculous how they're producing the new "Green Hornet" series and then going to town on the spin-offs. Their new flagship character is at the head of the most unbelievable campaign in the history of anything. Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar have both been quoted as saying Dynamite Comics is the reason their careers were so successful.

Let us just start with the original idea that began this looming craze. Kevin Smith took a crack at a "Green Hornet" screenplay, but it has been picked up by Dynamite Comics for a series called "Green Hornet". After picking up issue #1, I was pleasantly surprised that the story and artwork (by Smith and Jonathan Lau, respectively) proved intriguing and exciting, while adequately action-packed.

This isn't the problem, though. A mildly entertaining script that has only produced one issue rarely justifies the production of six (SIX !) related titles. That's like Cheers having a spin-off for every character at the bar after the premiere of the first episode! Has anyone ever heard of an on-going series, where all these stories could be told over a span of years? I expect that from the like of Superman or Batman, but the Green Hornet? A character no one has heard about since 1947? It's so completely insane, that only one diabolical campaigner can put the puzzle pieces together for us:
"I've made a number of attempts to take over the world, don't get me wrong. But only an elementary school dropout would attempt them ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Who wants to fail seven times over by releasing their entire playbook at once? That's like the St. Louis Rams running ten offensive simultaneous plays on the first down...Or mixing an entire meal into a blender...Or getting gang-banged with torn aluminum cans while a choir synchronously sings the verses to Asia's "Only Time Will Tell"...too many things at once tends to overload my super-villain senses."
Thanks, Cobra. And to make matters even more self-masturbatory, each Green Hornet issue has multiple variant covers. Green Hornet #1 has 15...FIFTEEN!!
COBRA: I have trouble counting to 15!
Me too! Issue #2 managed to trim the number of covers to nine. Blast, Trehern doesn't even have that many blogs (well, maybe I do...). It's so unspeakable and totally ludicrous that I...actually...have respect for them now. Touché, Dynamite! So for those of you who enjoy multiple tales of Golden Age Radio heroes in comic book form, definitely check out the fine content coming from Dynamite Entertainment. If you don't, they'll just keep making more until their demands are met.

Complete Titles Listing: Green Hornet: Year One, Kato Origins, Kato, Green Hornet: Parallel Lives, The Green Hornet Strikes, Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered
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