Avi Arad Developing a PAC-MAN Movie!? Fun Fake PAC-MAN Trailers

Former Marvel CEO Avi Arad  is going to show up at E3 this year for Namco's 30th birthday celebration for Pac-Man on June 15th. It was revealed that there he "will make an announcement about the worldwide premiere of his newest Pac-Man project.” New Pac-Man project?? There's no word on what that project will be, but Arad is known as a being big Hollywood producer that has developed several movies and TV shows. Unfortunately after he left Marvel all of his movie started to suck.

So the Pac-Man project could be anything from a movie to an animated TV show. Arad has recently been talking about how “Hollywood will do for video games what it has done for comic-book superheroes." Will Pac-Man be the movie that will prove his theory? I find it very hard to believe that Pac-Man will be a good film. But I don't find it hard to believe that it will eventually become a movie. After all, Hollywood is adapting the Viewfinder toy and Stretch Armstrong for the big screen.  

I seriously don't see Pac-Man making for a good movie, unless it's way out in left field and totally unexpected. There are a few people out there that went out and had some fun with the idea of a Pac-Man movie, and created some fan made fake movie trailers that you can watch below. Enjoy!

Pac-Man Horror Film

Other variations of Pac-Man The Movie


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