Donald Glover's Road to Becoming the New SPIDER-MAN

This weekend DERRICK Comedy comedian Donald Glover and star of the hit NBC TV sitcom Community launched a viral campaign to help land himself the lead role in Sony Pictures upcoming reboot of Spider-Man being directed by Marc Webb. The comic actor is encouraging fans/followers to retweet the hash tag #donald4spiderman. The campaign seems to be blowing up, and people are jumping on board to support the idea of Glover playing Peter Parker. Someone has even created a Facebook fanpage for Donald Glover's Spider-Man campaign.

This is the same type of campaign that got Betty White to host Saturday Night Live, and that help make a talentless kid like Justin Bieber so famous. If it is working for others why can't it work for Glover? Before this all happened it never crossed my mind that Glover would or should play Peter Parker, but now that it's been put out there I think it's a great idea! Glover is a talented guy that could bring something new and different to the character, which is what this reboot needs. 

Why does Peter Parker even need to be white anyway? After all he grows up in Queens New York. Look at the lower middle class neighborhood Parker grew up in. Does it really matter what color Parker is? The background setting, family and story will still stay exactly the same. 

Out of the currently actor up for the role, Jamie Bell, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Andrew Garfield, and Josh Hutcherson... Donald Glover is my favorite choice to take on the role.

What are you're thoughts on the Glover wanting to play Spider-Man?

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