Joel Silver Talks VERONICA MARS Movie


Veronica Mars may have gone off the air back in 2007, but I just recently found time to catch up on the series. I found the show to be an immensely entertaining detective story in the vein of films like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lucky Number Slevin, and a predecessor to Rian Johnson's indie high school noir Brick. The devotion to character and whip-smart dialogue hooked me early, and Kristen Bell's addicting charm (and - you got me - stunning beauty) kept me coming back, even through the almost universally-despised third season (which, for the record, I liked).

My only problem with the series was its abrupt end - the Season 3 DVD Box Set has six discs, but the last episode is found on the fifth disc. I was duped into thinking I had an entire disc left, but disc six just features the 20-minute pitch creator Rob Thomas put together for the CW network in hopes of renewing the series for a fourth season. This pitch featured Veronica as a rookie FBI agent, and ever since the series went off the air there have been rumblings of a feature film version of Veronica's adventures.

Joel Silver, the producer of the show over at Warner Bros., recently spoke with MTV and detailed why we won't be seeing a Veronica Mars movie on the big screen at that particular studio.



Silver is obviously interested in the idea and has done his research; star Kristen Bell and showrunner/creator Rob Thomas have both been vocal about trying to get this project made, even though Kristen is about to turn 30 years old. I know I'd pay to see a Veronica Mars movie - but what about you? Do you have any interest, or is this going to be another project like the Arrested Development movie and just drag out into oblivion?

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