Ken Watanabe in Talks to Make his Directorial Debut with WWII Film

Movie Ken Watanabe by Joey Paur

It Looks like incredibly badass actor Ken Watanabe is going to move behind the camera and direct his first feature film. You know Watanabe from such films as Batman Begins, Letters of Iwo Jima, The Last Samurai, the upcoming film Inception and many other movies.

He is currently in early talks an independent project that seems to be a nice fit for the actor. The movie is a period film called 442nd. It tells the true story an American-Japanese military unit that was assembled during World War II. They were sent on virtual suicide missions in the Europe. For their efforts against the Nazis, that unit goes on to become the most decorated unit in American military history.

Sounds like it will end up being an incredibly interesting and awesome World War 2 film! I love movies that tell historical stories like this. The film project is being developed by producer Bill Gerber (Gran Torino) and the management production company that represents Watanabe, Roar. 

If this all actually ends up working out, it should be awesome to see Watanabe direct his first feature film, and this will be quiet an impressive story to tell. He's had tons of experience on the set of other films, and I think he'll do just fine in the directors chair. What do you all think?

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