More New Images from Ralph Fiennes' Adaptation of Shakespear's CORIOLANUS

Hey Gang! Some more photo's have surfaced for Ralph Fiennes' awesome looking new film Coriolanus, based on the story written by William Shakespeare. The movie is going to be told in a gritty contemporary modern technological setting. 

I was really impressed with the first few photos that were released which you can check out here. It looks like it's gonna be a great film. Fiennes both directes and stars in the film along with Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Jessica Chastain, Brian Cox, John Kani, Paul Jesson and James Nesbitt. Fiennes also brought in cinematographer Barry Ackroyd (The Hurt Locker) and cameraman Oliver Driscoli (Green Zone) to help get the gritty look that he wants for the film. 

Story Synopsis:

The citizens of Rome are hungry. Coriolanus, the hero of Rome, a great soldier and a man of inflexible self-belief despises the people. His extreme views ignite a mass riot. Rome is bloody. Manipulated and out-maneuvered by politicians and even his own mother Volumnia, Coriolanus is banished from Rome. He offers his life or his services to his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius. Coriolanus and Aufidius march on Rome intending to destroy the city. Volumnia appeals to her son. He tries to reject her but eventually breaks. Aufidius, feeling bitterly betrayed, brutally murders Coriolanus.

It's going to be very cool and very interesting seeing this modernized re-telling of the story in the language of Shakespeare. I'm pretty excited about seeing this movie I love the intensity and grittyness that these images display. Check out the new images below and tell us what ya think!

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