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Hey movie lovers! This week there's some fun things coming out on DVD. My article is going to be a lot shorter then normal because I am very sick and sitting at the computer too long is making me feel worse. I did however want to at least highlight the big movies that came out today for you all.


Alice in Wonderland

A 19-year-old Alice (Mia Wasikowska) journeys through Wonderland, where she experiences strange ordeals and encounters peculiar characters, including the vaporous Cheshire Cat (voiced by Stephen Fry), the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) and the sadistic Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman, Matt Lucas and Crispin Glover co-star in director Tim Burton's bold adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic.

Starring: Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska
Director: Tim Burton

I really liked this movie! I wish I would have watched it in the theatre because I am sure it was amazing! I think Depp did a great job just like he always does and I think the girl they picked for Alice was a really talented actress. It reminded me so much of Alice through the looking glass and although I think it may scare the smaller children I think that ten or eleven year olds would enjoy this as a family time movie. (This is however coming from someone who grew up watching horror movies since she was little so I could be wrong...)


The Wolfman

Based on the 1941 classic, this werewolf-themed horror film set in Victorian England centers on Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro), an American man who, upon a visit to London, gets bitten by a werewolf. Talbot had come to England to make amends with his estranged father (Anthony Hopkins), but after a moonlight transformation leaves him with a savage hunger for flesh, family harmony is the least of his worries.

Starring: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins
Director: Joe Johnston

I had no time to watch this but my co-workers watched it last week and did not give me many good reviews. Anyone out there have a good review for this? I would love to hear it.


Burn Notice: Season 3

Jeffrey Donovan stars as spy-turned-private eye Michael Westen in another season of intrigue, action and humor as the former government operative continues his quest to discover why he was "burned" -- cut loose by the agency without explanation. Along the way, Michael and pals Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and Sam (Bruce Campbell) put their talents to work helping victims of injustice. Sharon Gless co-stars as Michael's neurotic mother.

Starring: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell
Director: Paul Holahan

This is by far one of my favorite shows! I love the story and I love the characters. Michael Westen is like Jack Bauer and MacGyver all in one! Anyone that has not seen this should. I mean the man can make a taser out of a disposable camera people! This show is funny, exciting, action packed and just all around awesome.



When amnesia robs a man (professional wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin) of everything -- including his family and his own identity -- he's confounded after discovering that he's wanted by the feds and Russian gangsters. But he's not willing to succumb to the present until he reclaims his forgotten past. In the meantime, that means dodging bullets and backstabbers and figuring out whom he can trust.

Starring: Steve Austin, Adam Beach
Director: Robert Lieberman

Two words: Steve Austin!


There's quite a few more DVD's coming out this week and I am going to link you all to a page so you can see the rest and next week I will be back to my usual article style.



I am also going to throw up a link to the games that are out this week because I am not going to be back on the computer anymore until I feel better and I am not sure I will be able to get the article out in time and I don't want you all to miss anything.


Thanks to everyone who reads my articles and have a great week.

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