Teaser Trailer for District 9's Sharlto Copley's Directorial Debut SPOON

No, Spoon is not a new live-action version of The Tick. Spoon is a film that has been directed by the star of District 9, Sharlto Copley. Before he became a big star, he was trying to make a career for himself behind the camera. He worked as a producer and special effects guy on both Distrct 9 and the short film Alive In Joburg. He's been working on his first feature film as a director for awhile now with co-director and production partner Simon Hansen.

The movie is described as a "thriller with supernatural overtones about a man with a medical condition that causes him to black out during moments of extreme stress and leads him to make a remarkable discovery about himself" Spoon stars veteran Brit TV actor Darren Boyd (Green Wing, Saxondale, Smack the Pony) in the lead as Daniel Spoon, with Rutger Hauer playing his father Victor. 

The film is complete, and from the teaser trailer that has been released over at Twitch. The movie looks like it will be very interesting, it doesn't give us a lot to go off of, but I like the vibe that it gives off. Check it out and tell us what ya think!