MGM Delay's RED DAWN Remake, Indefinitely?

Movie MGMRed Dawn by Joey Paur

As you know MGM is in a bad financial situation, and it's affecting the development of some pretty big films such as Bond 23, and The Hobbit which Guillermo Del Toro recently walked away from. Now the remake to Red Dawn has been fallen to the evil curse of MGM. Right now the studio is being run by creditors, which means every decision they make comes down to money.

According to The LA Times Red Dawn has been delayed until the financial problems are solved. The question is when will that happen? Can MGM even be saved? It seems like they are in a position where they need to start auctioning off their properties. 

Red Dawn was supposed to come out on November 24th, but now no one knows when or if the film will be released. MGM spent $42 million dollars on the film so far. It's so close to be finished, but MGM is in no position to spend anymore money on it. 

The 1980's version of Red Dawn has become a cult classic, and believe it or not there are a lot of people out there that have been waiting to see this remake. If MGM actually did finish the movie and release it I bet it would make an ass load of money regardless of how bad it might be. 

At the same time all of this is going on, there is a huge controversy surrounding the film after a script leaked out. ABC News reported on the following headlines from the Beijing-based Global Times, "U.S. reshoots Cold War movie to demonize China" and "American movie plants hostile seeds against China." One commentary had this to say,

Despite the world's focus on U.S.-China relations in the strategic and economic dialogue and their increasing economic connections, China can still feel U.S. distrust and fear, especially among its people. Americans' suspicions about China are the best ground for the hawks to disseminate fear and doubt, which is the biggest concern with the movie 'Red Dawn'.

Fact of the matter is why are people making a big fuss over a remake of a movie that shouldn't have ever been remade in the first place? This is just a movie, and before people start getting all offended by it maybe they should wait to see the movie first, because there's a very good chance it will be end up being laughably bad film. Hey! It doesn't look like the movie will come out anyway!

I find it funny how people can turn anything into controversy these days, even a potentially crappy film that no one has seen yet. 

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