Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play The Riddler in BATMAN 3?

Celebrity and Gossip site Hollywood Life is reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently in talks to play The Riddler in Christopher Nolan's Batman 3. Apparently he is Nolan's first pick to take on the role, and a source close to the director says,

Chris really dug Joseph [as an actor],. There was a joke at first between them [on the set of Inception] that Joseph wanted to read for Batman 3 and things heated up as filming continued. It’s not 100% confirmed that he’s getting [the role of The Riddler] but there’s certainly talk about it. Joseph is definitely on the short list.

As you know Gordon-Levitt co-star in Nolan's upcoming film Inception. I'm definitely taking this news with a grain of salt and treating it as a rumor, but it would be awesome if it turns out to be true! Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a great villain, and The Riddler is a character he would be perfect for. I hope this turns out to be real, but I won't get my hopes up. Of course Levitt's rep say's none of this is true. 

The script for Batman 3 is still being written, but I'm sure all the characters in the story are lined up.

I open the floor up to you now, to discuss what you think about Gordon-Levitt possibly taking on the role of the Riddler.

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