Jonathan Liebesman in Talks to Direct CLASH OF THE TITANS 2

Seriously? Warner bros. and Legendary Pictures are going to make a Clash of the Titans sequel? Thats a shame. If you didn't already know, I absolutely loathed the Clash of the Titans remake that recently came out. That film was a stinky dog turd. Regardless of how bad it was it made $487 million dollars world wide, and the studio is moving forward with developing a sequel, which they want to start shooting in January.

The studio has been meeting with several filmmakers recently to take on the directing job. Louis Leterrier will not be back for this one, and nor should he. I don't know what he was thinking when he made this remake.

Apparently the top director choice for the sequel is Jonathan Liebesman. He started out directing films such as Darkness Falls and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel. He is currently directing the highly anticipated action sci-fi film Battle: Los Angeles, which follows an alien invasion of the city. He's also is on board to direct Warner Bros. re-imagining of Odysseus, which is being produced by the 300 team. So this guy is definitely an up and coming director. I'm not sure why he would want to ruin it by making a Clash of the Titans sequel.

Of course Sam Worthington will come back to reprise his role as Perseus. This film is going to move into production fast, because worthington is also committed to shoot Avatar 2 later in the year. 

Who knows, maybe they learned from their mistakes and it will end up being a better film than the first film, but I just can't get excited for it. Can you?

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