Sam Raimi Offered Directors Chair for OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

So what's Sam Raimi been doing with his time since Spider-Man 4 fell through? Hopefully working on his epic World of Warcraft movie! But, it looks like he's about to get sidetracked because Disney just offered him the job to direct OZ, The Great and Powerful, which serves as a prequel to the classic 1939 MGM film The Wizard of Oz

Up until this point the last we heard on this film was that Sam Mendes was the front runner as the director, and Robert Downey Jr. was circling the role of the Wizard. So Mendes is out, and there is still no word on if Raimi has or will accept the offer. 

This Oz film revolves around the idea that the Wizard was also transported to OZ from Kansas, and we would be told the story of how he became the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. It also may run with the idea that “the wizard is a charlatan who’s part of a traveling circus but goes on a similar odyssey as Dorothy when he mysteriously lands in Oz." 

I'm a big fan of Raimi's work, so I think he'll do a great job developing the film. I just don't want it to affect the World of Warcraft movie.

As this is all happening, Warner Bros. is developing two other Oz movies, so it looks like we're about to be over-saturated with Wizard of Oz films. 

What do you all think about Raimi possibly directing this new Oz film for Disney?