Steven Soderbergh's KNOCKOUT Gets a New Title and a Release Date

The title to Steven Soderberg's new action thriller Knockout, has been changed to Haywire, and the film is set to be released by Lionsgate in January 2011. Haywire stars female MMA fighter Cina Carano and has a incredible cast of actors that is sure to make this one hell of a great film. 

The supporting cast of this film includes Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas, Michael Angarano, Mathieu Kassovitz and Bill Paxton.

The movie is basically going to be a bad-ass action-spy thriller. The character that Carano plays is named Mallory Kane, a black ops soldier that is double crossed by a member of her team. Kane then goes on a mission to uncover who has set her up to take the fall for a job that goes bad and involves a murder.

Michael Douglas plays a government official in the film. Fassbender plays a member of Kane’s commando spy unit. The role for Fassbender was actually written with him in mind. And McGregor plays the owner of a Blackwater private military company.

I'm looking forward to this movie. Steven Soderbergh is a great director, and I think he is going to give us something very fun and very unique with his next film.

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