Breck Eisner To Direct BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT

Did you see the most recent remake of The Crazies from director Breck Eisner? Because it was actually a pretty freakin' good horror film! Since it's release, Eisner has revealed that he is working on film developments for both Flash Gordon and Escape From New York, which will be his next film.

According to Insight Studios comic book creator Mark Wheatley Eisner wants to develop an adaptation of Wheatley's 1980's Dracula comic Blood of the Innocent, which was co-written by writer Rickey Shanklin, with art by Marc Hempel and Wheatley. 

The comic book series pitted Dracula against Jack the Ripper, who is a psychotic Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, in Victorian London. Yes, Dracula versus Jack The Ripper... I'm in! Here is a little description from Wheatley who was recently interview by

So the thing that makes the story work...  is that the events that take place in Stoker's Dracula, date by date, mesh perfectly with the Jack the Ripper murders. That was the core of what started us off on doing the story.

And here is what he had to say regarding Eisner's involvement with the film,

[Eisner is] trying to make Blood of the Innocent the picture he does after Escape. He and the writer have been working on the pitch. The writer, Bill Marsilii, has been working on the pitch now for almost a year. But Breck came on board, I think, back in February. And so the two of them met several times and honed the pitch and worked out a “live” version of the pitch. [Laughs.] The two of them put that two-person act on the road and they’ve been going around to the various studios making the pitch.

So if everything works out Blood of the Innocent could be Eisner's next film once he's finished with Escape From New York. I was extremely impressed with what Eisner did with The Crazies, and I am looking forward to seeing these films that he is currently developing.

What are your thoughts on Eisner taking on Blood of the Innocent?

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