The VOLTRON Movie Is Back On Along With A New Cartoon and Toy Line!

MovieTVVoltronby brians

Just a few days ago we told y'all that there would be no Voltron movie and that Ted Kopler and his crew at World Event Productions was doing was making a new Voltron cartoon for Nicktoons and a new toy line to go along with it. He then says this is a way to introduce a new generation to Voltron while keeping the old fans happy too. Well after Koplar turned his brain on and shut his mouth and learned how much the fans (young and old) wanted a live-action Voltron movie he has changed his mind saying this to MTV;

"The movie has always been and still is the locomotive that's driving our thinking," and that what has slowed develpoment over the years is finding the "right message for both the new generation and for the old generation."

This only took Kopler 24 hours to realize he stuck his foot in his mouth. These are the guys running the show poeple! Kopler please just be quiet!

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