Geoff Johns Talks Possible BLUE BEETLE Live Action TV Series


Comic book writer/DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns tweeted some interesting news yesterday about his intentions for the Blue Beetle, a relatively obscure character that has been drawing some more interest in the comics world lately.

Johns said the following:

BLUE BEETLE NEWS from DCE!! We have a live-action test of Jaime Reyes' scarab activating his suit. It. Is. Awesome.

And later...

Blue Beetle's going to appear in most of the Brave and the Bold's this year and we're hoping to develop a live-action show. Fingers crossed!

(The Brave and the Bold, of course, is the animated series on Cartoon Network that sees Batman team up with a variety of superheroes on a weekly basis to battle villains in an episodic structure.)

Brief bio: The Blue Beetle (in the current incarnation) is Jaime Reyes, a teenager who melded with a mystical scarab that turns him into a superhero. The scarab comes from an alien planet and is actually an evil instrument intended to corrupt the user and allow the alien race (The Reach) to take over whatever planet the scarab lands on. After it was blown across the universe in the aftermath of a large battle, it was eventually found by Jaime and embedded itself onto his spine. The scarab gives him the ability to create weapons and technologies from the suit (think Kristianna Loken's TX character from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines).

Since I know little-to-nothing about this character, I contacted our resident comics expert Alan Trehern (of "This Week in Comics" fame) and asked him his thoughts about a live-action series.

I don't like the recent it sounds gay. He gets enough face time on The Brave and the Bold. Bring back Ted Kord!

Thanks for your insight, sir.

What say you, readers? Is anyone interested in seeing the Blue Beetle in the flesh on the small screen? Did you even know who the Blue Beetle was before you read this post?

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