Louis Leterrier to Direct GRAVITY Wait until You Hear this Movie Idea


Now, I should let you know right off the bat that this Gravity film that Louis Leterrier is attached to direct is not the same Gravity film that Robert Downey Jr. is attached to star in. That film is being directed by Alfonso Cuarón, and it starts shooting this summer. The film that Leterrier is attached to direct is way on the other end of the spectrum. 

It seems like Leterrier was on the rise as a really good director. He made a couple fun Transporter films, made a Incredible Hulk film that everyone seemed to enjoy, then he crapped out the Clash of the Titans turd, that could have easily ruined his career. Now he is going after projects like this Gravity film.

This could be the greatest movie idea ever, or it's the dumbest idea ever... I'll let you decide after I tell you about it.

Gravity is being described as a disaster film in the vein of The Day After Tomorrow meets Taken. Wait. What? How in the hell do you combine these to movies without it being a comedy? So does the film go something like this? A father sets out on a mission to search for his lost daughter when all of a sudden the world stops spinning and the Earth begins to lose its gravity.

Would it surprise you if I told you that is exactly what the movie is about? I'm dead serious. This has got to be a comedy! And if the studio's intention is not to make it a comedy it will end up being one anyway. When I think about the concept, I just can't help but laugh at the silly visuals popping up in my imagination. All of a sudden everyone in the world starts to float in the air. Think about it, how is he supposed to find his daughter while 6 billion panicking people are floating around trying not to get hit by airplanes? This film is sure to have us rolling on the floor in laughter! Now can you imagine this movie in 3D? People in the film floating around right in front of our faces?! If we only had the ability to flick them around, that would be awesome. 

Universal Pictures and Mark Gordon Productions are developing the film project, and it's sure to turn into one very odd movie. I honestly don't know what to expect to see from this film. You gotta admit the Earth losing it's gravity is a fun idea that's never been done before, I guess the more serious they try to make this film the funnier it will be.

What do you think about Leterrier's new film project? Best or Worst film idea ever?

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