E3 First Impressions: SPLATTERHOUSE

Holy crap! Splatterhouse definitely lives up to the title! I was a huge fan of this game back in 1988. I use to walk down to my local arcade to play it every weekend. Sure it was a fun, bloody, and violent game back then, but they sure did a number on the remake. Splatterhouse is quite possibly the most ridicuoulsy over the top blood drenched video game I've ever played. No joke, you litterally play this game in a pool of blood and carnage! It is insane! You really can't comprehend what I am talking about unless you play it. My jaw was laying on the floor as I was playing the demo for this thing. 

The game follows Rick, a parapsychology student who is trapped inside West Mansion. After his resurrection by the Terror Mask, Rick makes his way through the mansion, fighting off hordes of creatures in a vain attempt to save Jennifer from a grisly fate.

Ricks weapons are designated into categories such as bludgeon, edged, and 'extra brutal', Rick’s arsenal enables him to literally explode bodies into visceral chunks. Rick can annihilate, dismember, and utterly destroy his enemies with a menagerie of weapons, including a 2x4, baseball bat, cleaver, shotgun, and the massively devastating chainsaw.

Anyone that's into horror video games is going to love the hell out of this game! Click here if you haven't seen the trailer.

Here is some footage of the demo that I played:

Here is some gamplay footage that was released online previously:

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