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Greetings everybody, and thanks for checking out GeekTyrant's Weekly Podcast.

Listen in as Dr. Venkman, Mazer, P. Vader, Bob Neek, and Ben P. compare The A-Team to what we know of The Expendables so far, talk about how The Karate Kid remake was surprisingly good, scoff at Ben P. as he shamelessly throws in another reference to LOST, debate if Robert Downey, Jr. is being negatively typecast, and wonder if the guys behind Crank can get people interested in a Ghost Rider sequel - even if Nic Cage is in the lead role.

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Box Office Numbers

This Past Weekend: 03:30

This Week in Box Office History - 1990: 05:50


The A-Team: 10:25

The Karate Kid: 24:55

E3 2010

Scott Pilgrim Game: 39:45

Tron Evolution: 44:30

Miscellaneous Talk - New XBox 360, Microsoft Kinect, Playstation Move: 49:10

Movie News

Sam Raimi to direct Oz, The Great and Powerful: 53:15

Neveldine/Taylor to direct Ghost Rider sequel?: 01:00:55

Coming Soon

Jonah Hex: 01:11:30

Toy Story 3: 01:12:20


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