Ashton Kutcher Talks about his SUPERMAN Audition

HumorMovie Superman by Joey Paur

Yes, its true. At one point for some strange whacked out reason Warner Bros. actually considered casting Ashton Kutcher as Superman. In a recent interview with MTV he described his uncomfortable audition experience with the Superman suit and Kerri Russell who was reading for Lois Lane. 

I wore the Superman suit. I did a screentest in the Superman suit.

Kutcher couldn't remember which director he auditioned for in the long list of filmmakers who were offered the gig at one point or another but he said it might have been for Brett Ratner when he was attached to direct it. Could you image a Superman film directed by Brett Ratner and starring Ashton Kutcher? Wow, that would have been a disaster!

There is [footage of my audition out there], with Keri Russell, who was reading Lois [Lane]. There's me in a Clark Kent outfit, and then there's me in a Superman outfit.

It did not feel right. I hadn't worked out or done anything right. ... I was like a rail with fake muscles. It looked funny.

I didn't really care for Singer's version of Superman, but I can appreciate it a lot better now knowing that Ratner and Kutcher could have ended up making the film. I would love to see that audition footage though! I bet it's hilarious!

Here is the video interview:

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