Benjamin Walker Cast as Beast in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

It looks like director Matthew Vaughn has found his Beast for X-Men: First Class in actor Benjamin Walker. Walker hasen't really done much in film, he's had small roles in Flags of our Fathers and All Saints Day. The actor is a Juilliard graduate, and is currently acting on stage in New York. 

I have no idea what to think of this casting because I have no idea who this kid is. This will definitely be a role that gets some attention, so it should be cool to see how he does as Beast. The other question is will they use original Beast or blue harry beast?

Here's a run down of the character Beast from Marvel:

When first introduced, the Beast — a mutant — possesses ape-like superhuman physical strength and agility and oversized hands and feet, though he otherwise appears to be a normal human being. Throughout his history, the Beast undergoes progressive transformations to his physiognomy, permanently gaining increasingly animalistic physical characteristics. These include blue fur, feline facial features, pointed ears, fangs, and claws. His physical power increases to even greater levels, as do his senses.

Despite his savage appearance, he is a brilliant man of the arts and sciences; he is a world authority on biochemistry and genetics, the X-Men’s medical doctor, and the science and mathematics instructor at the Xavier Institute (the X-Men’s headquarters and school for young mutants). He is also a mutant political activist. Fighting his bestial instincts and fears of social rejection, the Beast dedicates his physical and mental gifts to the creation of a better world for man and mutant. He also has a witty sense of humor.

Henry’s mutation more fully manifests during adolescence, providing greater strength and agility, and although his powers allow him to briefly excel in athletics during his remaining time at school, he soon attracts the animosity of his fellow students and other non-mutant humans. As he seeks refuge, he is approached by Professor Charles Xavier, who invites him to study at “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters”. Henry recognizes the opportunities such an institution can offer him and accepts the offer. He finds the school both a fount of scientific knowledge and a place of sanctuary and is there introduced to the X-Men, who accept him into their ranks and give him the codename Beast. Alongside workouts in the Danger Room, under Xavier’s tutelage, he studies subjects ranging from differential equations to Proust. With the rest of the X-Men on their first field mission, he battles Magneto for the first time.

Walker’s work includes portraying Kinsey (at age 19) in Kinsey, and Harlon Block in Flags of Our Fathers. Walker was also featured in the short-lived CBS drama series 3 lbs. Walker’s theatre credits include The Arrangements at the Atlantic Theatre (NYC in 2005), Spring Awakening ( NYC  in 2005), Lady Windermere’s Fan (Williamstown Theatre in 2005), and Romeo and Juliet (Williamstown Theatre in 2006).

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