Help ROBYN GRIGGS Make Her Movie 'THE SQUAD' And Get Stuff!

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Everybody loves stuff, right!  Actress/director Robyn Griggs is prepping her movie 'The Squad' and she still needs a little more help from us independent movie lovers. What you can do is donate, even if it's just a $1.00.  What this $1.00 gets you is your name in the credits!  How about that?  Also if you want to donate more the appreciation from Robyn gets larger, such as autographed pictures, posters, dvd's, movie props etc...  There's more so check out the link below and see what all you can get on the different levels of donating for 'The Squad'.  Robyn is very passionate about her project and will appreciate this.

Click here to donate and read more on the making of 'The Squad'.






Click here to donate.

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