My Preferred Weapon for Killing Zombies: The Husqvarna 355Fx

TechZombieby Joey Paur

I think everyone has their own personal weapon of choice when it comes to killing zombies. The baseball bats with nails, chainsaws, shotguns, crowbars, bombs, and several other tools of death. I'm a big fan of the sniper rifle, your at a safe distance, and you can joyfully pop off head shots one zombie a time. Then I realized... that could get old and boring after awhile. There will come a point where ya want to go out and meet these brain eaters and take them out at close range. I didn't know what weapon I would use to do that until today when I found The Husqvarna 355Fx cleaning saw.

The powerful X-Torq® engine allows for rapid acceleration, reduced emissions and low fuel consumption. The handlebar is angled 7 degrees for better posture during cutting. The thumb throttle control is designed for comfortable use over a long period of time.

How badass would anyone look carrying this thing mowing zombies down in a bloody fury. Yeah, this is definitely what I would use.

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