Ron Howard and Brain Grazer to Adapt the Comic Book LEGENDS

Movieby Joey Paur

As you know live-action fairy tales are the cool thing to do in Hollywood right now, even Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and their production company Imagine Entertainment are jumping on board the fairy tale bandwagon. They are teaming up with Radical Pictures to develop a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel Legends. Which is very different from what we've been seeing, and hearing about.

I haven't read this comic because it hasn't come out yet, but it sounds like a pretty awesome story, which is set in motion when the remains of Pinocchio are discovered. Red Hood now a noted wolf hunter, and Jack team up to discover who is murdering the creatures of folklore. Along the way, they are assisted by characters such as Goldilocks, re-imagined as a mercenary, and Hansel & Gretel, now psychic exterminators.

I like seeing characters like this re-imagined in different crazy ways. We've posted a lot of cool art from people, that were inspired by the twisted fairy tale worlds. It will be cool to actually see style brought to life on the big screen.

The comic book was created by Nick Percival and it has a fun mix of steampunk, creatures, technology, and magic. I have the trailer for the comic book emdeded for you below so you get a good idea of what this film will involve. Check it out below and tell us what ya think!


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