District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp to Direct THE HOBBIT?

Since Guillermo Del Toro stepped out of the directors chair for The Hobbit, There's been a lot of talk and speculation as to who will step in and take over the open director spot. Most of us hope Peter Jackson comes back to finish what he started, even the studio is trying to get him on board, but it seems like he doesn't want to do it. We've also heard names such as David Yates, David Dobkin and Brett Ratner being interested in directing the film, but I don't think any of them will end up getting the gig. So who could it be?

When I first heard about Del Toro leaving, I thought District 9 director Neil Blomkamp would make a decent choice, after all he is the protege of Peter Jackson, and he's talented. According to an inside source via TheOneRing.net Blomkamp is the new director of The Hobbit, but no one has been able to verify if this intel is true or false. The site credits the report with some truth, at least, because it contains other facts that it says have been verified.

Here are some bits of details regarding the film that have been verified.


  • Jackson doesn't want to direct The Hobbit. He leaves LOTR as his legacy and doesn’t feel comfortable competing against himself in that same arena.
  • The casting process is in full swing. Auditions and all the surrounding busy work is happening with the same team that worked on LOTR.
  • Shooting isn’t scheduled for the end of the year as Ian McKellen and previously mentioned spies have speculated but for the very beginning of 2011.
  • Jackson wants somebody to direct the film he can trust.
  • MGM and Warners need a director in place yesterday.
  • And a inside source claims they've seen the film breakdown with Blomkamp directing.


I don't know about you but I think Blomkamp is a solid directing choice for The Hobbit. The guy is extremely talented. I believe he can do more than make documentary-style movies. I think he's a multi-talented guy that can switch up his directing style for what ever vision he has. If you think he can't then you're selling this guy short. If he is indeed brought on to direct the film he has my support.

We will file this bit of news away in the rumor bin, but just so you know TheOneRing.net believes this information is right on.

What are your thoughts on Blomkamp possibly directing The Hobbit films?

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