TOY STORY 3 Wont Be the Last Time we see Woody and Buzz on the Big Screen

The director of Toy Story 3 Lee Unkrich has confirmed on both MSN and Twiiter that Toy Story 3 will not be the last time we see Woody and Buzz up on the big screen. I've actually been sold on the fact that Toy story 3 would completely close the story with no need to make another movie. I was happy that this would be the final Toy Story film. I've heard that Toy Story 3 ends with a perfect conclusion to the franchise. It doesn't sound like we will get a Toy Story 4, but the adventures of Woody and Buzz will continue in the form of short films. But we are talking about Disney, and if Toy Story 3 does well at the box-office, whose to say Disney won't push Pixar to make a fourth film? Here is what Unrich had to say.

Well, I really tried my best to end the story of Andy and his toys and bring that story to a close in a really nice way at the end of this film. That being said, we know that people love the characters, love Woody and Buzz, and would hate to say good-bye to them completely. I don’t know that there would ever be a ‘[Toy Story] 4.’ We don’t have any plans for one — but we are trying to find ways to keep the characters alive. We have announced we’re going to do a short film in front of ‘Cars 2′ that uses the ‘Toy Story’ characters. We’re going to keep them alive; they’re not going away forever.

The first short Toy Story movie will be shown in front of Cars 2 when it comes out on June 24th 2011. What do you all think about Pixar making a series of Toy Story shorts? I'm sure they'll be fun to watch, as long as the don't make a fourth Toy story film. But then there are those that would love to see a fourth Toy Story movie.

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