Ever Wonder How Many People have Died in a Particular Movie? BODY COUNTERS Will Tell You!

HumorMovieby Joey Paur

I was just introduced to this fun little website called Body Counters, which keeps track of how many deaths there are in a particular movie. If you're the kind of person that decides what movie to watch based on how many people die in it then this is the website for you! Or maybe you're just curious how many people have died in a certain movie. For example... Independence Day deaths included 1,702,461 humans and 11,000,017 aliens. Or have you ever wondered how many people Michael Bay killed off in his Transformers movies? Sure it may be fun to watch, but in Revenge of the Fallen 7,049 people, 14 Decepticons, 5 baby Decepticons, 1 Decepticon hatchling, 1 Autobot that used to be a Decepticon, and 1 goat died in the story! I have a couple of examples for you, but to see the full list of movie deaths click on the image below. Enjoy!


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