The Most Pathetic Batmobile EVER!

I guess when times are hard ya gotta work with what ya have. This homemade Batmobile was made for $100 and no tools, and you can definitely tell. I don't know what the motivation was behind this thing, but I don't see the point other than making people laugh, which isn't a bad thing because we love to laugh!

Gabe, the hero of our story, purchased this wrecked 1994 Pontiac Grand Am last summer from Dave's Towing in Ann Arbor, Michigan for $100.

After a few necessary repairs, work proceeded: Gabe sawed off the crushed roof and built a custom frame for the new roof and windows. Inspired by the Batmanesque charm of his creation, Gabe then rigged up and riveted on fins, reworked the nose, and spray-painted the car matte black.

The car even features high-tech theft-prevention gadgets the likes of which even Wayne Industries couldn't develop. When thieves tried to steal the car last year, the steering wheel broke off. In the process of trying to hotwire the car, they also fixed the brake lights.

I'm sorry but my kids have made a better Batmobile out of cardboard, couch cousins and sheets. Oh yeah! In case you want it he's selling it on Craigslist for $600 bucks! Imagine... you could be cruising the streets in this bad boy picking up the ladies and putting fear into the hearts of men, because now it's on fire!

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