ThinkGeek Receives a Cease and Desist Letter for CANNED UNICORN MEAT

Humorby Joey Paur

On April Fools Day ThinkGeek launched a 100% fake product for Canned Unicorn Meat. They recently received an actual Cease and Desist letter for this fake product! The letter came from the National Pork Board, who claims that the website was infringing on the slogan "The Other White Meat," a slogan they're apparently thinking about phasing out anyways. This just seems insane! This isn't even a real product! 

(The letter) 12 pages long and very well-researched (except on one point); it even includes screengrabs of the offending item from our site. And we know they're not messing around because they invested in the best and brightest legal minds.

You have got to see the whole story over at ThinkGeek, but here is a great  apology they offered up.

We'd like to publicly apologize to the NPB for the confusion over unicorn and pork--and for their awkward extended pause on the phone after we had explained our unicorn meat doesn't actually exist. From our press release:

"It was never our intention to cause a national crisis and misguide American citizens regarding the differences between the pig and the unicorn," said Scott Kauffman, President and CEO of Geeknet. "In fact, ThinkGeek's canned unicorn meat is sparkly, a bit red, and not approved by any government entity."

We'd also like to extend a special discount to everyone we offended with our portrayal of Unicorn Meat as "the other white meat." For a limited time, take $10 off any order of $40 or more by using the code PORKBOARD at checkout, good until 6/30/2010 at 11:59PM ET.

I find this whole thing ridiculously hilarious. How about you?

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