DreamWorks Animation to make GOOD LUCK TROLLS Movie

DreamWorks Animation just had to get their hands on some kind of toy property because all the other studios have got one or more to turn into feature film franchises. I guess they were feeling a little left out, and a little behind the hot Hollywood trend. Now the only toy that's left for them is the Good Luck Trolls. You remember those don't you? The little plastic troll dolls with annoying frizzy pastel-colored hair. I hated those damn things. 

Well, DreamWorks Animation is teaming up with Denmark's Dam Things, which controls the troll toy line, so that they can develop a full on feature animated film based on these troll dolls. 

Why would they want to make a movie based on these Good Luck Trolls!? I think it's a terrible idea, one that will most likely blow up in their faces. They were doing fine with the original content they were putting out! The just made How to Train Your Dragon which was a brilliant film! They don't need to go the way of a toy troll. Why can't they create their own original troll story? 

Brother and sister writing team  Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio have been hired to write the screenplay for these hideous dolls. 

The troll doll was created in 1959 by Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam, when he carved a doll based on Scandinavian trolls for his daughter Lajla. The toy line gained popularity in Europe and the U.S. during the early '60s, becoming a fad embraced by kids and the counter-culture.

Variety reports that the feature film "will expand on the troll dolls’ mythology, while giving Dam a chance to relaunch the toy line for another set of young collectors." What is there to expand on?

I think it's funny that these Troll Dolls appeared in Toy Story, a Disney/ Pixar film. They already had there big screen debut in a great movie. They don't need an awful movie of their own!

So what do you think will be worse? The Smurfs Movie or Good Luck Trolls?

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