New Character Featurette for Nolan's INCEPTION and 2 Korean Posters


Hey Gang! Warner Bros. has released a great new character featurette for Christopher Nolan's epic mind heist film Inception. The video below gives us a better look at the characters that Nolan has created for the story. This is my most anticipated movie of the summer, and I'm prepared to have my mind blown.

Two of our staff members Ben P. and Mazer have been avoiding everything for this film since it was announced. Maybe they saw the first teaser trailer but thats it! They close their eyes and cover their ears if the trailer pops up in a movie theater, and they haven't watched anything on the net. They want to go into this thing without knowing anything. It seems crazy I know, but they are sure to have a great movie viewing experience. If you're like me and you want to see everything you can for the film then watch the video below because you'll enjoy it. 

Above and below you will find a couple of cool Korean movie posters for the film as well!

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