THQ Announces MEGAMIND The Game

When a new animated film is greenlit, a fair-to-middling (average, for you city folk) video game based on the film is a given. So, it’s no surprise that THQ announced plans to release a title inspired by the upcoming Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell feature, Megamind, for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

In the film, Ferrell portrays the titular Megamind, a supervillian based in Metro City bent on conquering the world. One of his plans somehow ends up killing Metro Man (Pitt), the city’s protector, which leaves the foe “without a purpose.” He is then inspired to create Titan, a new superhero with questionable priorities. THQ’s creation will supposedly mirror this plot and offer co-op and party modes, depending on which version you buy. 

According to the press release I recieved, Jonah Hill is the only actor from the film that would reprise his role in the game. Look for it to release shortly after the film debuts on November 5. 

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