First Look:NO STRINGS 2 (Playtime In Hell)

Move over Chucky! Step a side Puppetmaster! Meet Larry, a clown doll possessed by a demon who goes on a bloody rampage of murders!

This fun looking evil puppet show/circus act is written and directed by Robert Noel Gifford and has an impressive cast that includes Anju McIntyre, Julie Anne, Anne Ferrari, Damien Colletti, Max Wasa, Jacquelyn Velvets, Zoe Vargas, Monique Gata Dupree, Vania Bezerra, Brandy Durante, and Jewel Elizabeth.

Much more to come on this cool film including exclusive interviews and a release date!


200 years ago a famous toy maker lost his family in a great fire. Unable to deal with the loss of his family the toy maker blamed God for their deaths and retreated deep into the woods. Lost in his rage and pain he began to hate the world and God. So on one dark night he cried out for vengeance and his cries were heard by the dark prince himself. The Devil in trade for his soul granted the toy maker immortality and the power to create unique toys. Toys that had demons sleeping within them. But once the ancient spell has been spoken and the demon has been awakened then all hell will break lose. Now one of these dolls has found it's way into the house of a Diane, a woman forced to deal with her husband leaving her for another woman. With the bills piling up she is forced to rent out the extra rooms of the house to a motley group of beautiful women. But once the clown doll begins to play none of them will live to see the morning light.


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