This Week in Comics, 06.23.2010

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern

Man E3 was nuts! I set up my booth for the official TWIC Text Adventure Computer Game for IBM and Apple, and it was a huge success. We had a line of over 10 people at one point! A real record-breaker if you ask me.

What? You wanna know the plot of the text adventure game? Well, you play the uninformed GeekTyrant reader and you collect snippets of stories that inevitably lead you to a greater knowledge of comics, thus winning the game. It goes a little something like this...

-- Speaking of video games, E3 showcased a Spider-Man game taking place in the Amazing, Noir and 2099 universes of the Web-Slinger's famed mythos. I wonder if I can bang all the Black Cats for an inter-dimensional hat trick... [New Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Screenshots]

-- DC is closely following Marvel in their attempts at a iPad/iPhone applications. When did everyone become Apple's bitch? [Video: DC's iPhone, iPad App Demo]

-- Oh, and by the way, if you order too many issues of something that shows up in the DC Comics app, you've got insurance. Your girlfriend, on the other hand, if halfway out the door. ["Generation Lost" #4 & 5 To Be Returnable]

-- Dan Didio and Jim Lee sit down and discuss the best idea they've ever had: killing off Ryan "The Atom" Choi. Now if Jaime Reyes can get his brains blown out, we'll be booster golden©. [Catching Up With DC's Co-Publishers]

--  If I'm not mistaken, Superman has been around for a hundred ba-jillion years.  I'm no mathematician, but that is a really long time.  Slack off at work and learn the Man of Steel's elaborate and sacred history in comics; I already know it all. [Infographic: SUPERMAN History: 1938 to 2010]

--  The Source is going absolutely ape-sh*t over Superman #700, as is every other comic book website.  Jeebus, if I didn't know any better, God Himself steps out of the first page, hands you a million dollar bill and then drives away in a 2023 Porsche.  THEY HAVEN'T EVEN MADE THOSE YET!!  I HAVE TO GET THIS COMIC!!!! [Everything The Source has said about Superman #700]

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TWIC Picks: Superman #700, Green Lantern Corps #49 and Legion of SuperHeroes #2

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