Geek Art: Awesome Original Sci-fi/Horror B-MOVIE Posters

The CG Society recently held a contest for artists called Attack of the 50 Foot CG Challenge and they have announced the winners of this cool little contest. Here's how the contest works.

The CG Challenges are the biggest online art contests of their kind, with huge sponsorships and publicity for each challenge. Working within guidelines and software limitations, artists are challenged to create outstanding artwork based upon set themes, while showing their work-in-progress to the community.

B-Movie projected the theme of those shlock-horror pictures on drive in theater screens. Some truly spectacular concepts were thrown forward. Some superb tongue-in-cheek ideas. Posters depicting crazy goofy reactions to crazy monsters from outer space.

Our CGChallenge posed one question. Just how insanely eye-popping can one B-Grade film get? Congratulations to all our winners.

I've chosen a few of my favorite B-Movie posters and posted them below. But you will definitely want to head on over the the official site to check out some of the videos that were created that go with these posters, some of these are just awesome! Enjoy!