HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Has Finished Filming! And Here's A Fun Little Video

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Jason Eisener has finished filming his full length feature film of Hobo With A Shotgun! According to his blog they finished shooting the film starring film legend Rutger Hauer (Blind Fury) as the shotgun wilding hobo of vengeance two weeks ago.

This all started when Eisener entered the Hobo With A Shotgun fake trailer in a Grindhouse contest held by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Eisner won the contest and set out on a journey to turn it into a feature length film which he's done! So congratulations to Eisener and his crew. Here's what he said regaurding the shoot. 

Making your first feature film can be pretty intense. It wasn’t until the last day of shooting that I realized how crazy my life had become. We were shooting on a train, just outside of Halifax on a beautiful spring day. I was looking at the monitor and there, staring back at me was our star, Rutger Hauer. Because it was our last day, my mind got a chance to put everything into perspective. Here I was directing one of my childhood heroes. Rutger Hauer was one of the first actors to catch my eye and ignite my passion for filmmaking. To have him star in my first feature is pretty amazing. Beside me sat David Brunt (the original Hobo in the trailer). He has been an inspiration to me ever since I first met him, and it was so amazing to see Dave spread that inspiration and vibe to the crew. 

Now I’m sitting down in front of my monitor cutting the picture. I’ve had some time to think about the past 2 months. I miss shooting, I miss the energy on set, I miss the cast and crew. It’s a beautiful summer day outside – I can see some of it through the cracks between the garbage bags I got taped to the windows. But this summer I’m locking myself up in this apartment so I can cut together an insane film for all you guys to enjoy. 

So there ya have it folks, and I can't wait to see this movie! There's no doubt it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Here's a great little behind the scenes video that they put together that focuses on budget cuts. It's really entertaining so I suggest you check it out! 

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