Peter Jackson is Currently Negotiating His Return to Middle Earth for THE HOBBIT

After Guillermo del Toro left The Hobbit, Peter Jackson said that he would direct the film if it's what needed to be done to keep the project alive and get it into theaters. I looks like that's what it's coming down to, even though he's expressed that he doesn't really have the desire to do it. He would have liked to leave Lord of the Ring's as his Middle Earth legacy.

Well, they're running out of options, and it looks like Peter Jackson is the only person that can successfully make this movie work. Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have been trying to get him on board, but he's been hoping that another director could possibly take his place. Apparently there are no directors out there worthy of the opportunity. Or no one is really looking.

THR reports that Jackson is now officially in negotiations with the studios to return  to Middle Earth, and direct the two Hobbit films. I honestly think this is the way it all has to go down. If Del Toro couldn't do it then it had to be Jackson. I hope he can clear out his schedule and they can all work out a good deal. Because if he doesn't jump on board The Hobbit may fall through. 

With Jackson on board to direct, The Hobbit is in good hands.

Care to share your thoughts on the matter?


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