Sam Raimi Gives Update on His WORLD OF WARCRAFT Film

Sam Raimi directing World of Warcraft is one of the coolest bits of movie news that hit last year. It was announced right before Comic-Con, and I've been looking forward to seeing what would come of it. We've had a few little news bits here and there but nothing utterly mind blowing. One of the last things we heard is that a great screenwriter by the name of Robert Rodat was brought in to write the script. He has worked on such films as Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot, and he should end up being a great asset to the development of this movie.

The gang over at Collider had a chance to talk to Raimi recently and he ended up talking a lot about his thoughts on the WOW property, and how he plans to adapt it, what world it will be set in, and more.

First of all he says it's World of Warcraft is coming along very well, and contrary to other reports he says he is not officially attached to direct OZ, The Great and Powerful yet. Which means he's still very much focused on the WoW movie.

Sam Raimi is a huge fan of the game and he plays it all the time. He said at one point he was a level 29 Shaman, but that character accidently got deleted. He started over and is now a level 72 character. He also revealed that he didn't even "power Level", he did it all by himself, thats how much of a gamer this guy is. He explains why the World of Warcraft excites Raimi as a filmmaker.

I love the visual world that the guys over at blizzard have created. It's incredibly and engrossingly terrifying and exciting, I like the look of scale, the giant monsters that they have. I love the different landscapes that your character can movie through. I like the first person interaction you have with other players online. 

Here are some other points of interest that were revealed in the interview.


  • They have a 40 page treatment that they are still developing. Every draft they do gets better and better.
  • They are finding the characters, and through the characters they are finding the story.
  • There is no real angle. The are just trying to create realistic characters that can live in the world of warcraft as though you were in the game yourself. 
  • It will take place in one or two or three of the environments. And see the interaction with those great mythical iconic characters.
  • He loves the cinematic epicness of the landscapes. 
  • He loves the characters in the world and how they are all different. He emphasizes the powers and weapons the characters have.
  • He thinks it will be really cool to see them in battle.
  • The movie will be taking place within the World of Warcraft, which is what we assumed all along. The video game world and the real world will not be combined. 
  • They are trying to choose the most interesting characters from the game to be in the movie, but doesn't say which ones. 
  • The studio, Legendary Pictures, is very enthusiastic about the movie happening, and they are hell bent on making a top quality movie. 
  • The shooting of the film is still very far far away. They have a lot of prep work to do. 

I seriously can't wait for this movie to get made! You can watch the full video interview below. Check it out and let us know what you think about Raimi's enthusiasm for the film.


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