Spike Lee and James Cameron Working Together on NAGASAKI DEADLINE


This is a pairing that I did not expect to see.  If you would have asked me yesterday I would have laughed, but apparently it is true.

According to Empire, Lee will be directing and Cameron will be producing the film Nagasaki Deadline.  The story revolves around an FBI Agent who is trying to stop a double terrorist attack on American soil.

From the sound of it, this Peter and David Griffiths script has been floating around for awhile.  It even had a home and director at one point before 9/11.  After the event that happened that day Fox decided to drop the script.  Now, however, it has a pretty strong backing.  No cast or start date have been decided on as of yet, but now that Lee has been given the helm everything else should fall into place.

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Spike Lee fan, but I really enjoyed Inside Man.  So, this might turn out well.  Until next time, let us know what you think.

McMurphy Out!

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