ICE ROAD TRUCKERS 3D Movie Coming to The Big Screen?

Movie3Dby Joey Paur

I admit, I enjoy watching Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. I honestly never thought it would end up on the big screen, but that's exactly where Max Payne director John Moore wants to take it. In fact, Moore wants Ice Road Truckers to be his next movie. 

20th Century Fox acquired the the big screen rights to the reality series back in 2008, and Moore said that he and a writer have come up with an idea for the film that the studio is pretty excited about. 

The plot will revolves around what we've come to know from the series, which covers a group of truckers who drive 18-wheelers over a 350-mile highway made of ice, as they haul equipment and supplies to diamond miners working in the tundra of Canada's Northwest Territories. If you've even seen the show you know how brutal and scary it can get for these truck drivers. Moore had this to say,

It is very much a tough guy movie. Here's a bunch of characters who tackle problems by getting in there and getting things done. We'll turn it into a mission movie that harkens back to Towering Inferno, Jaws, or The Guns of Navarone. You got a problem, go solve it.

Moore is also looking to take the film into the third dimension saying that it is the perfect 3D candidate, because of the visuals.  

I'm not a big fan of Moore's film work, but he is currently developing a comic book adaptation of Dead Soldier. The four-issue series is being published by Liquid Comics, and tells the "story of an American soldier in WWI, who's the badly injured sole survivor of a platoon devastated by a German offensive. A twist of events leads to his transformation into a creature with incredible power." It definitely sounds like an interesting flick! 

Ice Road Truckers will end up being his next film after that if he can strike a deal with the studio.

What do you all think about a big screen 3D movie version of Ice Road Truckers?