Like Martial Arts Films? Then Watch These Two Trailers for RZA's WU-TANG VS THE GOLDEN PHOENIX

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

If you're into Martial Arts movies then you should get a kick out of these two movie trailers for RZA's low-budget film Wu-Tang vs The Golden Flower. As you might already know Rza is very much into martial arts films, and he is prepping up to direct a movie that he wrote with Eli Roth called The Man With The Iron Fist. These trailers don't really have anything to do with that movie unless this Golden Flower film was developed as a way to prep up for The Iron Fist. 

I have no idea what the plot of the film is other than what the trailer tells us.. “a world where everyone fights…and they’re all fighting for one thing – the Wu Tang weapon.” I seriously doubt we'll see this movie hit theaters, but maybe we'll eventually see it on DVD. As low-budget as this film is, it still looks like it would be a fun movie to watch. Check out the trailers below and tell us what ya think!

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