What Important Project Took Guillermo Del Toro Away From The Hobbit?

Not even he knows just yet.  I figure that he has some contracts that he needs to fulfill, but as far as films ready to be shot, there are none.

Empire recently got some answers from GDT about what he is up to now.  He said:

I want to be shooting something in May of next year, so I need something that's ready to go into pre-production immediately.

So it sounds like he is ready to go, but I don't think any of his projects are.  It has been rumored that he was going to have a version of Frankenstein coming out around 2012.  Unfortunately, that isn't even ready right now.

It's not ready.  That's the problem, it's not an easy one to crack.  There's been so many versions and I really believe what we're doing is something new, without changing the novel.

Just knowing that he is in the works of bringing us his version of one of my all-time favorite books makes me drool.  I can't wait for that.  As far as Hellboy 3 goes, he says that the script is not even close to being ready. 

So, what can we expect from GDT?  He did drop a little hint that he would let us know what his next movie will be around Comic-Con.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I will try to find out any info that I can and let you know.  Until next time, let us know what you think.  

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