China's So Called "Live" Astronaut Reentry Censored Due to Bloody Astronaut

Rantby Joey Paur

As you may have heard China sent their first astronaut up into space back in 2003. His name is Yang Liwei and he orbited the Earth 14 times in his spacecraft called the Shenzhou 5. The people of China and the world saw a smiling Liwei emerge from the capsule smiling and happy flashing some kind of gang sign. See photo above. Apparently that's not how it all went down. This is the result of a second taping.

Yang did not look like sunshine and roses at all when he really first emerged from the capsule. It was recently revealed in a speech by Xia Lin, a top official at Xinhua, the state news agency, that due to a design flaw the astronaut was exposed to excessive G-force pressure during re-entry, G-forces were so intense that his lip was split and his face drenched in blood.

Startled but undaunted by Mr. Yang’s appearance, the workers quickly mopped up the blood, strapped him back in his seat and shut the door. Then, with the cameras rolling, the cabin door swung open again, revealing an unblemished moment of triumph for all the world to see.

None of this is mentioned in the astronauts autobiography, he said he cut his lip on a microphone. He also explains how excruciating the take off was saying... "All of my organs seemed to break into pieces." Now that doesn't sound like fun at all!

I can only imagine what else China is hiding from the world. 

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