Remember Star Wars Kid? Well He's A Lawyer Now!

RantVideosby Joey Paur

Ah Star Wars Kid... those were good times! It seemed just like yesterday that Star Wars Kid was going ballisticly crazy with his bow staff. Well, Star Wars Kid grew up and 8 years later became a Sith Lord! I mean lawyer! How about that. After years and years of ridicule, he made something out of himself. Apparently there is a whole story behind Star Wars Kid, a story I didn't really know about until today.

Ghyslain Raza – or to the internet,Star Wars Kid – didn’t feel famous, or funny. He felt harassed, the victim of the most visible bullying in history. Ghyslain dropped out of his Quebec high school, was diagnosed with depression, and checked into a psychiatric ward for children.

Holy crap! Did you know that!? Thats crazy! 

Ghyslain and his parents would later sue the families of the three classmates who leaked the video in 2003, for around $250,000. According to the lawsuit, which resulted in a settlement, “Ghyslain had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large.”

He headed off Montreal's McGill University, where he obtained his law degree. He then became president of the Patrimoine Trios-Rivieres, a conservation society that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of his hometown of Trois-Rivières.

Well it looks like he's doing well for himself now. Seriously though, he should have embraced the fame! Use it to his advantage, the kid probably could have had his own sitcom. He should have soaked it up for all it was worth, but he was obviously a sensitive kid. These days anyone would have loved to be in his shoes and get noticed. 

Well, here is the video that made Star Wars Kid famous and gave him a mental break down at the same time. Enjoy!

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