Damon Lindelof Ready to Start Writing The STAR TREK Sequel

Yesterday Damon Lindolof sent out the following tweet....

Vacation officially over. Ready to boldly go.

Lindolof went on a much deserved vacation after Lost ended. He's back, and from the sound of his tweet above he's ready to jump on board the Starship Enterprise with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci again to bust out a script for the sequel. As of right now we are two years away from the film actually hitting theaters. The film is set to come out June 29th 2012.

Last week TrekMovie.com caught up with the writers of the Star Trek sequel and they gave a few details on what their plans are. Here are a few highlights from that interview. 

  • Orci on status of Star Trek sequel script "We have a story, and the next phase is to get together and try to destroy it."
  •  But both clarified that the story still needs to be gone over to see if it "stands scrutiny" and if it doesn’t they will return to the drawing board
  • Orci on if they have chosen the villain for Star Trek sequel: "have a front runner", but would not elaborate
  • Will work with Damon Lindelof both on the story and on the script, Kurtzman noting that "I am incredibly relieved to have him full time now" [now that Lost has concluded]

I loved the Star Trek reboot film, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they end up doing with the sequel.

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