HOSTEL 3 Starts Filming In August

Word today on the interweb is that Hostel 3 or Hostel: Part III will start filming this August but without Eli Roth behind the camera. Sony's Stage 6, who is releasing the 30 Days of Night sequel is taking over the duties and it looks like we now have a direct-to-disc Hostel 3 coming our way.

Scott Spiegel will take over the directing duties with a screenplay by Michael Weiss with Roth returning to produce, I'm glad his name is still attached to the franchise because it wasn't too long ago he said he wouldn't be involved with another Hostel sequel.  The story will take a big change of scenery this time around, this time in Vegas where a bachelor party goes horribly wrong. Hhmm???  Vegas, gambling, strippers, money, price on your head maybe? We shall see soon enough!

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