Jeph Loeb Talks about Marvel's TV Plans

TV Marvel by Joey Paur

A couple days ago Marvel Entertainment announced that Jeph Loeb would take on the position of Executive Vice President, Head of Television. Newsarama actually had the opportunity to talk to Loeb about his new position recently, and what we can expect from Marvel's TV division. Here are a few things that Loeb had to say regarding Marvel Animation and the new live-action division they are developing. 

Well, there's three different areas that Marvel is exploring and will continue to work with: the first are the direct-to-DVD animated videos, like Planet Hulk — which I loved. The second are continuing and expanding in the areas of animation, currently they have Super Hero Squad, which is on Cartoon Network, starting in the fall will be Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD, and we're developing Ultimate Spider-Man, also for Disney XD.

There are some projects in animation that we're not ready to talk about, but we're going to be developing and expanding into that arena. Our hope is to bring Marvel Animation up to the quality and notoriety of the publishing and movie division. We're now part of the legacy of Disney, where animation is king, and it's our responsibility to up our game and create something that sets Marvel Animation apart from everything else that's out there. At least that's our challenge and our hope.

And then there's a brand new division that we'll do with live action, where we're working in partnership with ABC and ABC Family to find the right properties, the right characters and develop them. To start, we will be exploring the one-hour drama field similar to the shows that I mentioned that I've worked on, like Smallvillle and Lost.

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I'm happy to hear that we will eventually get to see more animated DVD and Blu-ray films. I've really enjoyed the animated films Marvel has released. The animated TV shows should end up being pretty awesome as well, and we have yet to see how they will handle this new live-action division. Hopefully they bring in some talented people to develop some great Marvel TV shows for the fans.

What do you all think about what Loeb had to say regarding Marvel's TV plans?

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